About US

We have been working in tourism as tour guide and tourism manager since 1994. Gama Safar was established in Tehran in 2010 which stands for Gasht Afarinan Masir Aseman. We started providing all range of tourist services (visa, airline tickets, insurance, transfers, accommodation, multilingual tour guides, transportation etc.) for individuals, families, business groups (both for incoming and outgoing tourism) with affordable prices for all budgets. We connected to various tour operator worldwide particularly Italy and France market. So we have become correspondent of prominent Italian tour operator in IRAN for a long time. From the beginning, we started our team with best educated professionals to be successful in this market.

Recently we joined to Lotus Travel which is a tourism transportation company in Shiraz with 15 years’ experience in tourism (such as transportation, airport transfers, multilingual tour guides, etc.) and owns all types of best modern VIP vehicles with its Lotus logo labels on them. Since our company is a joint of two reputable and well known tourism & transportation companies in IRAN, we are the only tourism company which has its own tourism vehicles and capable of offering transportation services to all other tourism agencies in IRAN. As a result, we have expanded our team and unique services offering to our valued customers with competitive prices. We also offer hotel reservation guarantee in all cities in IRAN. It means any hotels in any cities on any date can be reserved easily